Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Future of Home Construction

I'm not one to be impressed by new technology until it's been used and accepted by everyone in my neighborhood and then I might consider using it. 

Here is a professor from the wonderful state of California that explains in this 12 minute video what will be the future of new home and commercial construction.  I really like this method of building but I think we will be hard pressed to see it accepted within the next 30 years.


Buddy King said...

One can only imagine the "monkey and football" process in getting a building permit for building a single family home with this system. Technology is a wonderful thing however adopting this system to real life "opportunities" is another story. What if your lot is not flat etc---. Just saying

Anonymous said...

It could be hard indeed, but for the 30 years, why not? Who knows things might change.
As of now, we are concentrating on the best modular homes we could find since it's the trend lately.