Monday, August 27, 2012

West Coast TV Station Announces a New Type of Home

Just when you think you've seen and heard everything about modular, something else shows up and makes you wonder just how long we all have to endure silly TV reporters and their stories about "houses that are put together like Legos."

Irontown Homes built this house which is green and sustainable just like all the houses they build but the difference here is the naive reporter acting like she just found a fab way to build a home.  You would think her name was Michelle Kaufmann the way she talks about her discovery.

Attaboy for Irontown Homes....D'OH! for the TV reporter.

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Stephanie Burroughs said...

Legoland, California is based in Carlsbad, just a few miles north of La Jolla. That is the reference point. They are demonstrating how the modules are pieced together. I actually "get it"

Anonymous said...

Legoland, California is based in Carlsbad, CA, a few miles north of La Jolla. I actually get it. On the West Coast, we are fortunate to get any free publicity when it comes to building modular.

Randy said...


This is exactly the reason WOSCA is being formed. The amount of education and promotion of modular construction here in the west is poor at best. It is amazing that as each new modular product hits the market, people marvel at how it works?? The level of awareness needs raising to a higher level.