Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apex Homes is Experiencing a Phoenix Moment

There hasn’t been much good news for Apex Homes but now its seeing an upturn in business and recently hired 15 employees.

After a summer of shortened work weeks because of declining sales and bankruptcy, the PA company secured two large contracts earlier this month that required the hiring of additional employees.

Apex Homes is building units for a senior assisted living complex in West Virginia and will begin building units for a multi-family housing project in Philadelphia in mid-November or early December.

Apex Homes’ peak production years were between 2004 and 2006 when it had more than 300 employees.

By 2007, when the housing market slumped, there were 75. Today there are 105.

Last year, Apex produced seven high-end single-family homes that were between 4,600 square-feet and 6,600 square-feet, as well as affordable homes, a bank, doctor’s office and day care facility.

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