Sunday, September 9, 2012

Future Home Technologies Rumor

UPDATE 9:13AM Monday 9/10/12: I just got a call from someone that knows what is happening at Future and things are looking great for them as of today.  Orders are coming in and the future of Future  looks good!  Great news guys.

The late summer rumors continue to fly.  Several very reliable sources have told Modular Home Builder that Future Home Technology in Port Jervis, NY was laying off their production workers last Friday due to lack of home orders.

Future Home Technology, Port Jervis, NY

Taylored Building Solutions in Taylor, PA is also currently fodder for the rumor mill with  sources telling us that they are having trouble with sales and production.

Adding to this is the unfortunate shuttering of Haven Homes which was reportedly closed due to the declining health and untimely passing of it's principle, Ed Langley.

This is not good news for our industry but until someone, maybe the President, figures out how to get new home sales about 700,000 a year, we are going to see more factories cutting back staff or closing completely this Fall and Winter. Surviving until Spring will show us who has prepared for the next six months and who is closing forever.


Anonymous said...

I just stopped trying to sell modulars. Why? it's almost impossible to get mortgage $$ if you do the banks will not do curbside payments or a assignment of funds.

Anonymous said...

I hope this one will come true because this will be the start of the new generation houses that will help the people living there to live life so easy. And I think this is a great idea so they must continue it.

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