Monday, September 24, 2012

Greenstar Opening New Factory in Idaho

Greenstar Building Systems, a commercial modular manufacturing company that supplies the camps created by the mining and fuel booms, has purchased a former Champion Homes plant in Weiser, Idaho for a new factory.

New Greenstar factory in Weiser, ID
Company officials said work will begin on the factory the week of Sept. 24, and hiring for line workers will start in mid-October. Greenstar will hire more than 75 production workers for the Weiser plant including carpenters, assemblers, painters, plumbers and electricians.
“We were looking in Colorado and Idaho mainly because of their proximity to our customers,” a company spokesperson said Sept. 19. “Once we had decided Weiser, we were surprised that you can get more for your money in Idaho. Wages are good, the workers compensation rate, the land are all lower.”
The company pays its line workers $11 an hour in Arizona, and will probably pay them that much in Weiser.

Greenstar makes modular homes for workers at oil and mining camps in remote locations in Texas, Nevada, Montana, North Dakota and Canada. The company also provides many of the services at those camps, such as utilities, power, septic, security and food service.

The 67,000-square-foot building purchased in Weiser will be used for manufacturing man camp housing.

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Anonymous said...

Weiser has a population of 5500 and Washington County, Idaho, has a population of 10,000. The unemployment rate is reported at just under 13% with nearly 18% of the county's population over 65 years old.

Where's the extral labor going to come from to make this plant productive? Taking it from Champion hurts Champion, doesn't it?

The Champion plant is Weiser didn't close. Could Champion have sold Greenstar a vacant plant just across the lot?