Monday, October 15, 2012

Do You Really Know Why You Lost the Sale?

If you are the owner, the sales manager or a sales rep for a modular home factory and lose a sale to another factory, what must be going through that brain of yours? Why did I lose him? How could I have done better and just what the hell did the buyer want that I didn't give him?

You can sit and think the different scenarios over in your head until it literally starts to hurt but there is one thing you probably didn't even think about when you were having those post-loss thoughts. You forgot to think like the builder you just lost.

Putting yourself in the builders shoes is something that almost all factory people forget to do or maybe they don't want to know. Let's take a look at your builder and see things from his or her viewpoint.

You lost the sale to a competitor. What do they do differently for the builder than you did and is this why the builder chose them over you?
Here is a list of things that you need to ask yourself about your competitors:

  • How do your marketing materials compare? Are your literature pieces as good as theirs?
  • Are your competitors running promotions?
  • How good is the person that answers the company phone? How they handle builders and the builder's customers says a lot about your company. Are the builders shifted from one desk to another without getting a live person or possibly the worst thing that can happen to a builder...the dreaded "please listen carefully as our options have changed."
  • How good are the competitor's sales people? Do they have a better presentation and what marketing aids do they leave with the builder?
  • What do your competitors talk about with the builders?
  • Do your competitors have a significantly better turnaround time on quotes and drawings?
  • How do your competitors follow up?
  • How good is the competitor's offer? How do they build value into it?
  • Is their service department better than yours? Stung once and the builder will be reluctant to ever try you again.
  • How do they stay in contact with their builders and how do they follow up?
  • What do they do poorly? Why do builders leave them?

The purpose of this is not to copy them but rather to find your weak spots and improve on them.

Every factory can improve but it starts with someone, preferably the sales manager, looking at what  competitors are doing that takes sales away and begin asking questions.

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