Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Modular Home Defies Hurricane Sandy

Last year when Hurricane Irene destroyed their house on Cosey Beach in East Haven, CT, the family decided to rebuild on the same lot but this time they chose to go modular with a home built by Professional Building Systems, a modular factory in Middleburg, PA. 

To complicate matters, Hurricane Sandy was heading to their town in just days.  Here is proof that a modular home, even one that has only been on the foundation a few days can stand up to a major storm while the site built house next door was demolished.

When asked what he thought of modular while standing in front of the new modular home, Governor Malloy said, “It’s obviously the new way to build.”

Pre-Hurricane Sandy

Governor Malloy looking at the new modular house still standing and commenting that "this is the new way to build"
Contact Nick Lust for more info about building a home this tough on your lot.

Another modular builder, Carol O’Donnell, CRM Modular Homes, sent these pictures from Rhode Island.


Anonymous said...

I am having visual problems. The house that is down is on one side of the mod in onehoto and in the next one on the other side.

Coach said...

The down house is one the left of the mod when viewed from the beach and on the right when viewed from the street. Looks OK to me.

Michelle Glover said...

An even greater testiment is BOTH of the homes to the right of the unfortunate damage are modular. One set days before & the other just a few weeks ago by Simplex/CT Valley Homes. There were other instances of this in RI where there was severe damage to others but the modulars are fine.

Thank you for a great article!

Jessica Ariza said...

How could I get in on this? Modular housing is the best way to go especially in times like these! Our company would like to be a part of this.