Monday, October 22, 2012

Modular Home Factories Suck at Social Media

I really try to be upbeat about how well we are doing as an industry and lately I have been very upbeat. 

Last week I did article after article about modular home factories and builders. The hits came pouring in and it was the biggest single week Modular Home Builder has ever had. Lots of click-throughs and reposts on Twitter and Facebook.

Today I sent out my Monday morning email newsletter to thousands of people in our industry and to potential new home buyers that have subscribed to this blog. That list grew rapidly last week. Factory people and builders are sending me more projects, custom houses, sets and production line photos than ever before.

But there are a couple of sides of marketing where almost ever modular factory and builder stumbles and falls. The first is Facebook. I visited 31 factory websites and 55 modular builder websites and what I found in a lot of them were links to FB and Twitter but when I hit on them I was sent to a page that only had one or two recent articles and in most cases less than 5 "likes" for September and October. Some did have a bunch of recent articles but little or no traffic to it. Just because your latest entry appears on FB doesn't mean that anyone gives a rat's butt about it.

What could be a great trolling ground for prospective new home buyers and builders is just sitting there like a forgotten roadside attraction after the new Interstate went through.

If you are not going to keep it fresh and work to get people there, why are you wasting your time on it. It would be better to simply pull out a phone book and call 10 people every day and ask if they would like to buy a new home from you!

The other marketing area that simply has never caught on with modular factories or the modular builder is the use of blogs. Oh, I've heard the rumor that blogs are dying now that FB is here. I can only tell you what I know and what I've learned when I talk with other bloggers...we are growing. Rapidly!

There are a couple of factories that have nice blogs but to find some of them requires a Sherpa guide and a day's rations. I found one factory's blog quite by accident while researching an article. It was not even linked to the factory's site, rather it was a stand alone website.

When a prospective home buyer visits your website, don't you think they would like to know what is currently happening at your factory? Wouldn't be great to feature a different builder several times a month? How about some inside information about new products and systems that the website visitor could read and maybe want in their next home.

Why aren't blogs being done by the modular factory? It's quite's perceived as expensive, a lot of work and they have nobody that wants to take on the responsibility. I followed several factory and builder blogs for a while but inevitably they start to take longer to post an article or in some cases, they were removed from the website entirely. Too much work to maintain.

It turns out however that a lot of your visitors will keep coming back to your website if they have a reason and a well written blog within your site is just the ticket. Give them a something at least every week and preferably 6 times a month. Ta Da! Visitors become prospects; prospects become buyers and buyers become your builder's customer.

If you would like to learn more about how to create or maintain a blog presence on your site, contact me, the Modcoach, and I'll help you get started.

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Laszlo said...

It's not that hard to work social media. We started in on Facebook in August and have over 500+ Likes and an Edge Mark of over 90.

Social Media is not a static medium just like sales are not. You need to engage your viewers like you do your customers. You need to provide your viewers something to like and share with others. The same goes for Twitter, Pinterest and Likedin.