Wednesday, October 10, 2012

No News is Bad News for Modular Housing Industry

I've been writing this blog for 5 years and I have to tell you that I am very disappointed with our industry. We have some of the best methods of building homes using the finest green, sustainable and energy saving materials in the entire building industry. Our cost per square foot is lower than conventional stick building and our time to completion is quicker.

So why am I disappointed in the modular housing industry? Because we are disappearing from the new home and commercial buyer's thoughts. I get about 150 building related articles delivered to me every day and over the past 6 months modular housing stories from either the factory or their builders have all but vanished. Gone! Kaput! Outta here!

If it weren't for Blu Homes putting out PR releases, there would be nothing. I suspect that $60M investment they got for PR and marketing is the only reason we hear from them.

During 2012 every factory has built at least one unique home that they would like to tell people about and many factories have done major projects that were completed in complete secrecy. Our industry has several councils and associations that should be pumping out volumes of stories about all the wonderful things modular construction offers but they are totally silent. Even the commercial modular people have been relatively silent. 

What the hell is wrong with us? Have we as an industry decided that maybe the critics are right and we should just hide under our desks in our offices and hope somebody finds our type of construction?

One of the saddest things I've observed about our industry is that when a major project is completed, the powers that be at the factory will not tell anyone about it thinking that if they do their competitors will hear about it and jump on the customer for the next order. That is just about the dumbest thing I've ever heard but it is happening every day at every factory.

I have asked, no begged, for stories about unique homes, townhouse projects and major projects, all with little response save a brave few like PBS, Nationwide, Excel and a couple of other folks that tell me about their successes. Then when I publish articles about them, I get emails asking me why I only do stories about them. It's because they are just about the only ones sending me pictures and behind the scenes info. I don't reprint Press Releases but even those have dried up, save the occasional one from Irontowne Homes and the constant barrage from Blu Homes.

More stories, please!
We are disappearing from sight in the construction industry, melding into the background, losing ground on our 3% market share (which is pathetic) and soon we will be no different than the company that makes silly string....just one of those things that gets picked at the last minute because we happen to fit a particular need.

Modular Home Builder, the blog for our industry with tens of thousands of monthly visitors, is ready and willing to print articles about our successes but so far all I've had to report are our failures.

The challenge has been given. Are the modular home factories and builders ready to send me stories and pictures or will next year's articles be entirely about Blu Homes and how they are making tremendous inroads into the "prefab" business?

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