Tuesday, October 16, 2012

US Modular Gets High Praise from Customer

We all wish we would get what US Modular recently got from one of their customers. A letter shouting to the world that the customer's house set was was one of the best days of the customer's life.  High praise for a great company. Congrats to Todd Kesseler and the entire staff of US Modular for making our entire industry look great.

This is what we should all strive for.

Here is the customer's letter to Todd and pictures of her new home:

October 12, 2012
Abe Ferreira
Todd Kesseler
USModular Inc.

Dear Abe and Todd,

I’m writing you this morning, scratching my head and thinking, “what the heck did I 
just experience”.  I find myself, three days later, replaying October 9, 2012 in my 
mind and thinking “how was USModular able to make this happen”.

When arriving at the lot Tuesday morning and seeing an enormous crane in my 
front yard with only a couple of feet of room on either end, I thought “there is no 
way this can work”!  With a guy-wire running diagonal from the front of my yard to 
a vertical pole, trees branches dangling in every direction and power lines bordering 
our property, the only other obstacle left would be snow in L.A.

To my complete amazement, the crane swung the first module into place as easy as 
my son playing with his Lego set.  The day ran smoothly, and instead of our house 
being a construction site, it soon became a neighborhood block party.  Neighbors, 
friends, business people and onlookers came in waves and I distinctly noticed that 
people quickly became entranced and could not take their eyes off of what they 
were seeing.  Instead of staying for a couple of minutes, onlookers were pulling out 
their cell phones and calling their friends and family saying “you have to see this”.  
People that were not familiar with modular building got an insightful sneak peak 
and have now become believers.

I must have made 10 calls to Kevin on Tuesday, while he was performing an 
emergency surgery, to gage when he would be done so he would not miss this 
experience.  His nurse, who relayed one of my messages, said “your wife said your 
house is being unloaded”.  She quickly caught herself and said “wait, what?!”
In all, what I thought was going to be an anxious day turned out to be one of the 
most exciting days of my life and I owe it all to USModular.  Your hard work, 
expertise and attention to detail is very much appreciated.  

I’m looking forward to the day I get the keys to my new home and will continue to 
tell people of what unfolded just days ago.

Elaine Patel

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Sanbury said...

Great Job highlighting the positive aspects of off-site modular construction. Neighbors will really appreciate not having 6to 9 months of construction crews working in their neighborhood - besides the addition a new high quality home