Monday, October 15, 2012

What's Hot and What's Not in New Homes

If you are a modular home builder or a factory sales rep, here are some new trends emerging that your buyers want and some things that have had their day in the sun.  Here is the latest list of each:

What's Hot:
  • Paying for comfort. Baby Boomers are looking or accessibility and are willing to pay extra for better showers, wider doorways, fewer stairs and even wheel chair ramps into the home. Boomers have the money and are looking to stay in their home until the end.
  • Garages are getting bigger. It used to be that a garage had to be large enough to accommodate an SUV and a car but today the family is putting in other things like golf carts, kayaks, motorcycles and even small pop-up campers.
  • Resource Centers are here. Usually located next to the kitchen, these areas are family central and large enough for doing homework, paying bills, using the laptop or cutting coupons; sometimes serving several family members at once.
  • Two family homes are an emerging. Not a duplex but an area within the home that contains a bedroom, bath and a living area separate from the rest of the house where extended family can live while recovering from a foreclosure or being laid off from work and having to move back home.
  • Going Green is here. For a few thousand dollars, homeowners can add solar panels, better insulation and other energy saving ideas for their new home. Learn what the modular home factory offers and put some of your own ideas to work.
  • Laundries are getting bigger. That closet in the hallway is no longer adequate for a family's laundry needs. With bigger washers and dryers, many home buyers are looking for bigger spaces to not only have the machines but also a laundry sink, folding counter and extra storage.
  • More open space. A smaller floorplan means that many homeowners don't want small rooms. Plan for open space and more integration of activities.
  • Closets for the Sam's Club shopper. Costco and Sam's shoppers are buying in bulk and storing their booty like squirrels hide nuts. Adding a Costco room in the garage is a real plus today.
What's Not:
  • Kiss the sun room goodbye. With home buyers looking for energy savings, can you imagine anything they would want less than a fuel guzzling sun room?
  • Two story family rooms. With buyers downsizing, they are choosing to add more livable space above the living room, not empty space they have to heat and cool.
  • Media rooms. 80" TVs and Bose sound systems can make any living or family room a media room.
  • Fancy showers. Buyers are focusing less on the gadgets in their showers and going back to basics. Why spend $10,000 on a upscale Kohler shower with Italian marble surround when you can have other things that make your life better.
  • Formal living rooms. The demise of this room has been predicted for years but today most home buyers are opting for a great room. Let's face it, when was the last time you actually used it?

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