Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why Customers and their Lenders Love HandCrafted Homes

HandCrafted Homes in Henderson, NC just proved again why banks and lenders love modular construction.

35 days from set to CO. Great job, great house.
This 3,000 square foot home built in Cape Carteret NC, was completed in 35 days from time of set to obtaining C.O.  The banks seem to look more favorably on systems built due to the quick turn around time thus minimizing their exposure relative to the construction loan process.

If a bank knows that the modular home factory and the builder are working quickly to complete the buyer’s home, wouldn’t it make sense for them to go after more and more modular home business? This is where we, as an industry, have to continually market our homes to not only builders and new home buying prospects but also to the banks.

Every factory has built a relationship or two with a lender and some have even gone on to include financing help on their websites. Now what the factory sales staff has to do is push for their builders to embrace banks with the same energy as the factory. Show the banks examples like this one and if the banker isn’t brain dead, they will help the builders go after more business.

Check out the house on HandCrafted Homes’ production floor. Congrats to all the people at Handcrafted for building quality homes like this one. 

Contact Bill Murray for help building your new HandCrafted home.

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