Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aussie Modular Home Factory Goes Bankrupt

Even though the modular housing industry in the US appears stable at the present time, some factories in other parts of the world are not doing quite as well.

Trade Fusion, a modular home factory based in Griffith, New South Wales, Australia has collapsed into bankruptcy. There is no longer a website or phone number for the company.

Trade Fusion was founded in 2004 based on what the business thought was a need to combine manufacturing and trade components. The business specialized in the construction of modular homes similar to what is being built on the US West Coast.

Trade Fusion had a staff of 20 including apprentices, and that it combines a traditional construction company alongside a factory that produces roof trusses and wall frames, along with glass and aluminum projects.

While there is no information available regarding the background of the collapse, being exposed to two troubled industries would no doubt introduce significant challenges.

Here is a video of Trade Fusion's modular home business.

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