Monday, November 26, 2012

Madison Industries Making Valuable Contribution to Sandy Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy  - she came, she saw and she most definitely conquered. The damage she wreaked on the NorthEastern USA was estimated to be at least $20 billlion.

She was the largest ever recorded Atlantic hurricane and left millions of people behind significantly worse for wear. 
Millions of buildings were no match for the might of Sandy. The wind and the rain cut a swathe through them and now the massive repair job begins.

Understandly in light of this, modular construction is in the spotlight. Its ability to provide fast, efficient, quality construction is an absolute bonus for all those who are trying to get their homes and/or businesses back on track.

One such modular construction company with state of the art fabrication process is Madison Industries. The company was founded in 1947 by John Frey and has since grown to be one of the leaders in the modular construction industry. 

Below is just one of their large commercial projects, the Bucks County, PA Hospital.

This practical efficient design is what is needed when the demand for modular constuction is so high. On top of this, Madison provides both quality and quantity that it is licensed in all 50 states and they have three facilities across the USA which means that shipping and delivery costs are kept as a minimum.

One of the biggest frustrations with consruction is that the schedules are very rarely adhered to and the client is the one who has to pay for the delays. Because of its streamlined processes and building in a controled environment, Madison Industries doesn’t have these scheduling issues or unexpected changes in design so costs do not escalate, making the final building cost predictable. Accelerated tax depreciation is another benefit that can be exercised with modular construction.

Madison Industries can have buildings and structures erected in less than a weeks time. It is not restricted to building new products, but can also apply to repairs, extensions and reimaging. It is also very mindful of any potential adverse envionment impact.

If you are considering any form of modular constuction you should take explore what Madison Industries can do for you. Whether it is a carwash, convenience store, school, restaurant, kiosk, office, gas station canopy or any other type of metal canopy that will be able to provide what you are looking for. If you are interested in more information, check out their website - or contact Justin Frank at

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