Monday, November 19, 2012

Modoach Finds Perfect Acquisition for Blu Homes

Now that Blu Homes, located in CA, has bought modular shed manufacturer, Modern Cabana, Modcoach has found the perfect company for them to acquire next. Oborain manufactures modular outdoor showers and is expanding into the home market.

What better product to add the growing Blu Homes empire than modular showers to go with their new modular shed line. I wonder how much of that $60M investment money is left to continue to fund these obvious new product lines. Their factory is large enough to accommodate quite a few of these folding structure production lines.

Now you can get a Blu Home house, a Blu Home shed to add as an office or garden room and if they were to take over Oborain, they could also supply the backyard modular shower. These modular showers sell for between $4,300 and $12,000 which puts them squarely in the Blu Homes price range of $375 sq ft. As an added benefit, no plumbing is required because they hook up to your garden hose and can be drained into your yard. I wonder if Walt Disney's nephew, investor Tim Disney, will put one next to his new Blu Home?

Just thinking outside the box........

Gary Fleisher, Modcoach

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