Thursday, November 15, 2012

Putting Neon Lights in Your Website

Take a few minutes and look at your website. Now look for clear calls to action on it.

The main street in Las Vegas is the perfect model for calls to action. Bright neon lights, continuous shows and spectacular fountains are all designed to get a visitor’s attention and draw them into the venue.

The Internet is an endless street of competition. If someone visits your website, you have a limited amount of time to get their attention before they surf elsewhere. You need to ensure that your visitors know what they’re supposed to do at your website and make it easy to for them to find information or request it from you.

Fulfilling the needs of your prospective new home buyers requires you to learn from them through feedback, customer polls and targeted pages that are easily accessible. Make sure that your website’s homepage lets the visitor know that you build and/or sell modular homes. Some sites paint a great picture but it’s hard to tell that new homes are actually the site’s purpose.

Make sure you briefly describe the types of modular homes you build, how to find more information quickly and make sure that you have a “request more info” page linked from the homepage. Use the homepage for your latest promotion and don’t let it get stale.

Remember, your website is self service. You can’t be sitting there to show them where to look on your site, you’ve got to make it so obvious that they can quickly go to the pages your want them to visit.

Looking at your website and determining if you have right stuff to hold their attention longer then 10 seconds in entirely in your hands. 

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