Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Win-Win for Cavco and Living Homes

Last week I told you that the west coast prefab builders could teach the rest of us a couple of good marketing and sales strategies. Social media, press releases and YouTube were mentioned along with the fact that many of the new prefab (modular) home builders also present themselves as the manufacturer.

Truth be told, most of them use large modular factories owned by some of the biggest names in our industry to produce and ship their unique homes. LivingHomes is one of these builders.

After unveiling a Make It Right modular home dubbed the C6 last February, the Santa Monica-based LivingHomes teamed up with Cavco for a trio of factory-built homes, called the CK Series. 

The CK series is geared towards urban infill projects. Prices for the homes — the narrow lot-appropriate CK4, the L-shaped CK5, and the more luxury-minded CK7 — start at $145 per square foot, a figure that LivingHomes believes is “lower than the cost to construct many traditional homes on site in large metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.” Depending on the model, starting prices range from $200,000 to $320,000, not including installation and foundation work.

The three CK homes, like the C6, are produced by Cavco and come standard with green features geared to meet most of LivingHomes’ stringent “Z6” goals:
  1. Zero energy (energy efficient appliances and lighting, etc.)
  2. Zero water (low-flow fixtures and grey water-ready)
  3. Zero indoor emissions (the use of zero-VOC paints and formaldehyde-free millwork)
  4. Zero waste (the use of recycled and Cradle to Cradle-inspired materials) 
  5. Zero carbon (carbon off-set included in price)
  6. Zero ignorance (real-time energy monitoring system). 

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Kim Kelly said...

These are some good stats you shared about the homes, and moreover the per square ft price is not that expensive but currently speaking the economic conditions are not that well too, so one should do some great decision work before buying a home.