Monday, December 3, 2012

Lennar Introduces NextGen Models

They've been called everything from NextGen to GenY to YoYo children but no matter what you call them, some of them are having a tough time in this economy. Almost 20% of them have chosen to move back in with family until things get better.

While it may seem that this would not be something that most parents would relish, many are opening their homes and in some cases even buying new homes designed for just this situation. In fact a recent survey found that 82% of the extended families found they have stronger bonds than they ever had.

Lennar Homes, one of the country's biggest homebuilders has introduced a new line of homes called the NextGen featuring floor plans with NextGen living areas similar to the old mother-in-law suites of the past.

If Lennar has chosen to invest time, marketing, money and sales efforts into pursuing this growing market, you have to ask the question...Are any modular factories gearing up for this new type of home?

It would not be hard to do for modular home factories. Just dust off those old "mother-in-law suite" and "two master bedroom" floor plans, tweak them for today's buyers and "Viola!"... a new line of homes for today's customer.

If your factory is working on these floor plans or already has a line of homes designed for this market, please let Modcoach know so I can do an article featuring your homes.

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Anonymous said...

Your right about dusting off those old mother in law plans. I have a couple of them on my computer that I'm going to look at again. Maybe I can sell a couple of them.