Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Modular Home Factories Awakening to New Era

It seems like only yesterday that many people were saying that what is needed to boost modular market share was for the old-line factories to move over and let some new blood take over. Well, surprise folks, the owners of factories that have been around for decades have awoken and are beginning to make things happen once again.

When Facebook started to become the place to be seen by businesses, many modular factories started to aggressively go after a new market using it to promote their latest successes and newest homes. Nationwide Homes not only was one of the first to embrace this social Juggernaut, they hired a full time social media and consumer email person to market themselves. Others like Westchester Homes, Epoch Homes and Signature Homes are just a couple more that have taken to FB to promote their homes and go after 'Likes.' Blu Homes practically lives on Facebook.

YouTube is now seeing a lot of new videos surfacing from modular home factories. It used to be hard to find current videos and those were mostly amateurish. Today you find professionally done marketing pieces along with first person interviews and videos of large commercial projects. Even modular home retailers are putting up some great videos showing off their company's ability to build just about any home you can imagine. YouTube is also becoming the 'go to' place for the Lego home style builders to show their wares. I visit YouTube quite regularly.

My email is becoming clogged with promotions from many modular home factories and retailers. I read every one of them and have seem a more professional look to them along with a message that is pertinent to today's new home buyer.

Modular factories are also flying under the radar like never before landing big projects like University dormitories, large commercial buildings, man camps, schools, hospitals and even new Starbucks stores without making any waves. I am totally blown away that some of the oldest modular home companies are keeping their factories running at near capacity with these projects and at the same time keeping their retail builders supplied with new homes. All I can say to them is "Bravo."

Last but not least, the factories are hiring sales reps with specific skill sets to go after particular markets. The days of having every sales rep go after anything that comes across the desk is just about over. Many have reps that specialize in large residential projects like large new home developments and huge townhouse developers. Other reps are concentrating on commercial projects like hotels, shopping centers, hospitals and retirement homes.

In the past, modular home construction has had a deplorable record of owning only 3-5% of the residential market but look for that to increase to 6-8% by the end of 2013 and the factories' share of commercial modular will begin to skyrocket. 

The sleeping giant has awoken and any factory that isn't on board with the changes coming our way will find themselves trying to keep their chins above the water while the rest of the modular industry is swimming to success.

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