Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Montana Modular Factory is Quickly Reaching Capacity

It's been nearly 6 months since modular home builder CassHomes set up shop in Billings, Montana. Click Here to read about their beginnings

The 70,000 square foot production facility is a beehive of activity. The company builds high-end, eco-friendly homes and is putting dozens of people to work.

"We're in a continuous hiring mode. We're trying to staff up at least another 20 or 30 people over the next month or two. We are looking for construction people primarily. People with skills in almost every area," said CEO Lorne Wallace. "We're also looking for people who are just starting up, looking for their first job, want to get trained and get some skills. And we're looking for people as well in the back office. We've got different openings for people in accounting, drafting, etc."

The business is projecting to have 100 employees by year's end, and is almost there. In order for Cass Homes to be as efficient as they hope, Wallace says more workers will make the building process faster. Cass homes provide permanent modular structures for the Billings area, eastern Montana, Canada, North Dakota, and they will soon expand to Colorado. CEO Lorne Wallace says the massive warehouse is a good home for the business and expanding the productivity will only bring good things.

"We've got stuff everywhere that surrounds us and it's exactly what we were hoping for when we set up in this area," said Wallace. "We are meeting our expectations exactly as we hoped we would be and we see continuation of that for a stable future."

The pay scale at Cass Homes ranges from $10-$20 an hour and the company offers 401K and medical.

Enjoy the video about CASS Modular Homes:


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