Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Micro Apartments Perfect Choice for Gen Y Women

If you're a Baby Boomer like me, you probably look at the Gen Y men and women and wish we could have been born 40 years later. Gen Y, those people born from the late '80's to 2,000, are a different breed than any generation before them.

They are more social, more easy going and more liberal. They own the latest game systems, smart phones, TVs, iPods, tablets and actually understand them without sitting down and reading the instruction manuals.

The female of this generation has probably changed the most. She is a free spirit and not in the Hippee way of the boomers. They want their freedom to explore all the sensory things the world has to offer and are putting off marriage and children till later in life. Work is a passion for them and getting tied down like their parents with a house, a husband and children just doesn't do the same thing for them that it did for the Boomers or Gen X'ers

The perfect living quarters for them has to be located close to the action of restaurants, clubs, hiking and biking, shopping, work, education and last but not least, interesting men and women. They want to be at the epicenter of the action but also want a little place to call their own. Center city living is making a comeback and now the Gen Y'ers are looking for places to live.

Enter the Micro apartment. 300-400 sq ft of perfectly acceptable living area that is just the right amount of space for getting away from others for a bit while they study, jump on social media and sleep but close to everything that they are looking for.

NYC introduced the micro apartment building which will be completed this year. The best part is that it is MODULAR! If it is successful, more cities will be jumping on the bandwagon and ordering their share of modular micro apartments.

Imagine the possibilities of modular factories creating the housing for a whole generation of young urban women! Gotta love this industry.

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