Friday, February 8, 2013

Folding Homes are One of the Earliest Types of Prefabs

I just got another promo for Blu Homes on Facebook for a chance to win two tickets to a wine and cheese party at Tim Disney's model home on February 16th. Do these people ever eat anything besides Brie and and finger sandwiches? 

So I started digging around for other folding homes and guess what I found? They've been around for over 60 years and have never made any kind of dent in new home sales. If you want to read an article about all the different companies that have started up and died, click on the picture and get ready to be transported back to 1952.

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Norm from Simpson said...

There also was a company in Howell NJ that did fold up homes in the late 70's. Little better looking than this article but the same concept.