Monday, March 11, 2013

DeLuxe Chosen for Another NYC Apartment Project

When you find a vacant lot in New York City, especially one in a built up area like the commercial side of Inwood, NYC, NY there are only two things you an do. Either put in a parklet or put up a rental apartment building.

The property, a 50’ wide lot, was purchased in 2008 the owners including Jeffery Brown, the CEO of Brown Hill Development in Huntingdon, PA, began designing a rental building with commercial units on the first floor. With NYC experiencing a broader acceptance of modular construction in high rise buildings, it was only natural that they would choose to go modular.

Mr. Brown’s company is building the $13 million Inwood project and it will consist of 56 modules that are under construction at DeLuxe Building Systems in Berwick, Pa. The steel framed modules will be combined to create 28 apartments: 6 studios, 6 one-bedrooms, 14 two-bedrooms and 2 three-bedrooms. Twenty percent of the rentals will rent below market rate, and the project, which is scheduled to open this summer, will also include 3,600 square feet of ground-floor retail space.

Inwood project being built in the DeLuxe factory in Berwick, PA
It is taking four months to manufacture the modules, during which time the team has been building the foundation at the site. On successive nights beginning in early April, the modules, which have steel and concrete frames, will be trucked four to five at a time to the building site from the factory in PA.

On each of the following mornings for about four weeks, an enormous crane will stack the modules. Workers will then “zip” them up, connecting one to the next, and to the building’s plumbing and electrical systems.

Rendering of the completed building
The project is expected to take 9 months from start to finish, compared with 16 to 18 months if construction had been done on-site. "You gotta luv modular"

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