Thursday, March 28, 2013

Walden Structures Wins MBI Award

Modular Building Institute awarded Walden Structures in CA the Permanent Structure under 5,000 sq ft award this year. Here are pictures of the winning design and a video showing the factory.

Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Permanent: Education: under 5,000 sq. ft.
Pacific Mobile Structures, Inc.
Walden Structures, Inc.
Los AngelesCA
Building Use:
Average Size of Modules:
12' x 40' x 15'
Total Square Feet:
3960 sq. ft.
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

This 3,960 sq. ft. preschool building includes four separate classrooms, a library, an art room, a food prep/laundry room, a teacher’s lounge, a director’s office, a main lobby and a “free flowing” interior that promotes easy access the other areas of the building. Each classroom has direct entry into the courtyard play area located directly behind the building. Floor-to-ceiling windows were used to create a seamless visual interplay between the indoors and out while allowing a visual connection to the children. The interior has painted drywall walls, VCT flooring, carpet flooring, child and adult restrooms, and a monitored fire alarm system. Multiple adjustments were made to the size and configuration of the building layout to accommodate site constraints. A leveling parapet gave increased height to the front/main entrance floor along with overhangs for cosmetic appeal. Exterior siding combines “Hardi” panel smooth/flat siding with “Hardi” panel lap siding.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

Due to the limited space available and visual concerns, the mechanical system was restricted for a typical split system HVAC. A high efficiency electric heat pump was used for each zone of the building. The ducted horizontal HVAC unit allowed for the building to comply with visibly concerns and sound issues yet provide an energy efficient way to meet the heating/cooling requirements. The roof utilized parapets on two separate building areas with differing roof slops, which allowed for proper drainage but also provided a very unique exterior cosmetic appearance.

Cost Effectiveness

The building required a roof mount mechanical system, but without the size, appearance, and volume of a typical system. A high-efficiency heat pump split system was provided. The heat pump eliminates the need to run natural gas and allows for the electrical compressor to provide the energy efficiency required. The method of installation was also an important cost savings to the client. Due to restricted site conditions (existing buildings/power lines), a crane installation would have been cost prohibitive. End-to-side modular floors and a combined concrete stem-wall/concrete block foundations was designed to allow for a standard truck delivery and installation, thus expediting time and reducing costs.

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Ibgreen said...

I hope that 198 days to complete included design, production and site work!