Thursday, April 11, 2013

Five Things Every New Homebuyer Expects From Their Builder

When someone builds their new home with you, there are some things they expect to come with it.

  1. They expect to never see the builder again. Not because the builder mucked up the house. No, it’s because they expect a house with no need for service or repairs after they move in. Realistic, no; expected yes.
  2. They expect more than they paid for. Every builder has this experience. What you told them they got in the specs is not quite what they perceived they paid for. They expected imported Italian marble flooring in the hallway and you supplied the ceramic tile in the specs. They thought the countertop should solid granite and you supplied the Corian in the specs. Realistic, no; expected, yes.
  3. They expect to be in their new home in 30 days. Modular construction is fast and in some cases like a two module ranch, that is possible. They bought an eight module home and a brick facade. Modular saves time but it’s all relative to size and complexity. 30 days from set to occupancy. Realistic, no; expected, yes.
  4. They expect everyone involved in building their home to live in Mayberry. Happy people whistling away while they work on the home. How often have builders observed their buyers holding in depth conversations with the two broken-English speaking men working on the drywall like they are old buddies from years past. The buyers expect only the very best tradespeople in the country to work on their home. Realistic, no; expected, yes.
  5. They expect to pay less for just about everything in their home. “I can buy that whirlpool faucet for $189 at Lowe’s and you’re charging us $450!” Trying to explain that the trap is not standard and that there are other parts needed as well as the labor to install it and can you actually admit to them that there is profit in that number. Realistic, no; expected, yes.

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