Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Granny Flats in Australia

Modular housing is not unique to the United States but when I heard about an Australian based modular and kit home factory called Granny Flats, I just had to learn more. I thought that maybe Granny Flats was named after a specific area or town. It’s not, they really build granny flats.

Granny Flat Builders specializes in building well-designed granny flats, modular kit homes, extensions, studios and home offices, all at very affordable prices using licensed tradesmen to ensure on-time delivery within budget. They even have a blog.

Granny flats are becoming popular among homeowners, helping them gain extra space or income from their backyard. Granny flats are ideal for meeting specific space needs for a teenage retreat, a home business or even a place for ageing parents. The New South Wales Government’s 10-day approval process makes it that much easier to start earning money today.

Granny Flat Builders offers an extensive range of kit homes, all designed to take full advantage of available space with an emphasis on large, open living areas that are filled with natural light.

I tried to take them seriously until I saw and heard the marketing video they use to sell their homes. Well, you be the judge. Make sure you watch it once with the volume up and once with it off. Two different videos.


Anonymous said...

Coach, Granny Flats should kill the music on the video. Totally distracting and inappropriate.

GregJake said...

Must be kidding? Are they kidding?!

Max Carpen said...

Granny flats are becoming an increasingly popular choice for families who want to extend their family home. There are many modern granny flat designs in the market and the options are endless from finishing, to flooring, to the colours that you choose for the walls.

Modular home builders said...

Modular homes or granny flats have become a great option for the homeowners for utilising their open-area and a good source of income too. Today, many builders offer various options for modular homes.

Ian Cubbits Granny Flats said...

Modular granny flats are very popular in Australia. No Doubt, the need of granny flat buidlers is becoming increase day by day in Australia due to its high demand.

Jay said...

Granny Flats are exploding in Australia. There are over 100 builders listed on which gives you an idea on the size of the market.