Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Modular Home Builders and Factories Missing Great Opportunity

Would it surprise you to learn that only 13% of all builders and modular home factories have a blog? Would it surprise you that only 7% have updated their blog in the last 90 days? And would it surprise you that many modular factories think that having a Facebook page is the final word in blogging?

I'm not surprised but you might be. Looking at what a lot of modular home builders and factories pass off as marketing is equivalent to tacking your business card on the local restaurant's bulletin board. Seeing your attempt at social media once is nice, but seeing it over and over without any updates or changes will turn off even your biggest fans.

In spite of a blog being classed as ‘technology’, it is not really that complicated. Many small businesses are quite happy to go onto Facebook and mess about with groups and pages, but they shudder at the word ‘blog’ because it sounds too hard to cope with.

Really there’s not much difference between a Facebook page and a blog. They should contain more or less the same information, but they will have different audiences. That’s why you should have a presence on all kinds of social media, because different people hang out on them and therefore provide a much wider audience.

And by being visible in a variety of locations will enable you to get noticed by more potential customers.

Many factories have Facebook pages and it's really sad to see what they put on their page. A couple factories like Homeway, Nationwide and Signature actually do a nice job but most are stale and forgotten. 

A typical Internet user Googling the "modular home" will land on a page with many different websites featuring a couple of factory sites, maybe a Wikipedia article, a modular builder if you're lucky and in my case, two lenders. Both of the factory sites I found on Google's first page had a blog/news section that neither has updated for over a year. What does that say to the home buyer? 

Builders are even worse. IF you can find a modular home builder in your area, their website is probably  the 'home;about us; gallery; contact us' type and hasn't been updated since it was hatched five years ago.

Ta Da!!! Enter Modcoach and the Modular Home Builder blog.... In April, Modular Home Builder had over 70,000 visits. That puts this blog ahead of just about every modular factory, every modular home builder and even the MBSA itself. It has one of the largest Job Listings section for modular folks that you can possibly find anywhere.
What is sad about that is every week I send out emails to builders and factory people asking for news about great looking houses, unique projects, job listings, promotions, buy outs, product improvements and just about anything else that would be of interest to others in the modular home industry. What do I get? I get next to nothing because most of you don't want to take five minutes to send me something that will link to your website and possibly give you a lead. There is no charge for an article on Modular Home Builder. If you don't feel like you can put two words together to form an article, simply send me some pictures and a little info and I'll write your article. 
If you own, manage or work for a modular home factory or a modular home builder, the best way to get your message out there is having an article in Modular Home Builder blog. 

Contact Gary Fleisher (Modcoach) when you have something to crow about.


Anonymous said...


70,000 / month is great. Congrats. However I'd be curious how many "new" visits a month. You have 90 or so factories and builders listed on your blog. Say those 90 average 5 "administrative" folks (some of the builders are one or two, some of the larger factories 10 or 15). Each person checks your blog 5x a day during thier normal "I need a break" cruise of the Internet. 90 x 5 x 5 x 28 days = 63,000 insiders a month. Nothing to sneeze at. But few "customers".

Coach said...

Your math is pretty creative but not accurate. About half of my visitors every month are women, 35-45 viewing from home. And that audience is growing.