Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Modular Home Factory has a Cost Effective Green Wall Option

Dickinson Homes has a Green Wall option that many of their home owners are choosing to help cut energy bills, especially in Michigan where they build them.  Here is a picture of a sample in the Dickinson Design Center that shows how it is constructed.

Alternating 2x4 studs at 16” or 24” on center that provides a true 8” insulation cavity with an insulation value of R-30.  A larger cavity and higher levels of insulation are nothing new but other wall systems still have the stud value of R-1 per inch or an R-6 at the stud. 

Dickinson Homes' Green Wall option
Their Green Wall offers an R-19 at the stud space, increasing the overall insulation value at the cavity and stud space.  They also double caulk all exterior wall penetrations and tape both sides of the drywall.  In this wall system they also increase the rim joist insulation to an R-30 as well. 

Cost is always a consideration when it comes to energy efficiency.  Icynene and other insulation options add a good deal of cost over traditional insulation.  To upgrade from their standard 2x6 wall to the Green Wall is less than $1/SF (a fraction the cost of alternatives).   

Dickinson Homes build a good number of homes every year with this wall option and they are becoming more popular.  For more information contact Mario Santoni at Dickinson Homes.

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