Monday, April 1, 2013

Silver Creek Wins Several Awards at World of Modular

Silver Creek Industries, a manufacturer of modular and portable commercial buildings, won several awards at this years World of Modular meeting sponsored by Modular Building Institute. They won Honorable Mentions for Permanent Healthcare and Green Building.

Main Category:
Green Building Design
Green Building
Silver Creek Industries
Not applicable
89 x 49 x 15
Total Square Feet:

Award Criteria

Thermal Comfort Strategy
An inventive air transfer system was developed to cool and ventilate the warehouse space without adding tonnage to their air handling system. The roof mounted unit has an economizer and demand control ventilation.

Daylighting Strategy
High performance glazing and/or tubular skylights were provided in every regularly occupied space to provide natural daylighting and exterior views. Dual level switching with occupancy sensors and automatic daylight dimming controls were provided for all light fixtures in order to ensure that electrical lighting would not be used when adequate daylight was available or when the space was not occupied.

Energy Efficiency Strategy
The project was developed to utilize a photovoltaic array for all building energy uses resulting in a Net Zero Building. A single ply "cool roof" was combined with increased thermal insulation throughout the building to provide a highly efficient building envelope. Potable water usage was reduced by over 30% through the installation of high efficiency fixtures. Located in the Antelope Valley area of North Los Angeles County, the building houses the Operations and Maintenance team of a 230MW solar site that will produce sufficient electricity to support the annual energy needs of approximately 75,000 homes. The building will continue to provide significant cost savings in the future since it is fully powered by the on site photovoltaic panels. As a Net Zero Energy building, the annual energy costs will be non-existent.


Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Permanent: Healthcare: over 5,000 sq. ft.
Silver Creek Industries

Los AngelesCA
Building Use:
Medical and Dental Care Clinic
Average Size of Modules:
12' x 40' x 10'
Total Square Feet:
2880 sq. ft.
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence
Silver Creek was approached following the design development phase to provide modular design assistance and to prepare the construction documents for a 2,880 sf community medical and dental care clinic. The project consists of 6 exam rooms, 4 private offices, a two station dental clinic, a meeting room, a benefits office, a dispensary, a laboratory/preparation room, a lobby/waiting room, and restroom facilities. The building exterior utilizes cement panel siding with horizontal and vertical aluminum reveals as well as aluminum storefront windows and doors. Shading devices custom fabricated by Silver Creek were provided at the south and west facing windows to diffuse the direct sunlight while providing a striking architectural feature. The interior combines multiple ceiling surfaces with general and task specific illumination to create a welcoming and professional environment.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability
In order to meet the mechanical requirements and provide the desired interior ceiling heights, Silver Creek developed customized building modules. Each module was developed to accommodate a 9'-6" ceiling (10'-0" in some places) while also allowing adequate attic space for the large mechanical duct runs required for the clinic spaces. Sustainable features were seamlessly integrated into the project wherever possible. A high performance air handler was specified to meet the unique volume and quality requirements of a clinic while also maximizing energy efficiency. Nearly every regularly occupied space has natural day lighting available from a window or tubular skylight. All electronic lighting features dual level switching with occupancy sensors, which ensure that lights are turned off when the spaces are unoccupied. Low and no-voc finishes and materials were selected and installed throughout the building to ensure a high level of indoor air quality.

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