Friday, May 24, 2013

Another Video from Blue Ridge Log Cabins featuring Sarah Smith

This past February I said that modular housing had found a national spokesperson by the name of Sarah Smith from Blue Ridge Log Cabins, a modular home builder that produces log cabins in the factory.

She and her friend, Mandii Green, produce some very unique videos of the homes being set. If I was having a home built by Blue Ridge, I would really enjoy watching this video of my house going up and Sarah's absolutely delightful banter.

Enjoy another BUILD-iSODE starring Sarah and Blue Ridge Log Cabins.


Anonymous said...

LOVE these videos!

Anonymous said...

Of course the owners daughter is in front of the camera.

Coach said...

Of course she is. She does a good job for Blue Ridge and who better to talk about the company but the boss's daughter.

She's bubbly and you can tell that she loves log cabins. What more could they ask for?

Earl Finnegan said...

I don't have a cabin but I live in one of a few log homes in my area so it feels like I do.