Monday, May 20, 2013

Bill Lake Modular Homes Shows How to Go Green

As mentioned before, the modular housing industry works hard to recycle helping to keep the Earth a greener place of all of us. Bill Lake Homes in Sprakers, NY shows how they recycle just about all the waste from their factory.

All of their carpet remnants, leftover carpet padding, vinyl siding, plastic, drywall, sheet metal and paper is recycled. They use all the leftover lumber to heat their plant and offices. Changing to Low Energy lighting in the plant reduced energy consumption.

Carpet Padding



Paper and Cardboard


Vinyl Siding

Low Energy Lighting


Anonymous said...

I never heard of Bill Lake Homes until you started to write about them. They seem like a good outfit unfortunately I build in TN. Are all modular factories doing this much recycling?

Anonymous said...

Yes they are.