Friday, May 17, 2013

Inside the Blu Homes Factory

For the longest time I've marveled at how a company that builds approximately two prefab homes a month can become the spokespeople for an entire industry and then I realized that everyone loves the underdog especially when that dog does a unique trick, like building a folding house. Add wine and cheese "Open Houses", a $60M bankroll for self promotion, backing by one of Walt Disney's nephews and owners that truly believe that everything they say should be chiseled in stone for posterity and you've got Blu Homes.

Here is a video of the Blu Homes factory in Mare Island in California.


Anonymous said...

Coach I have heard Blu is raising more green, a lot more green. What have you heard?

Anonymous said...

They are trying to raise more money. Good luck to any smart investors that bite on this story. Only rich dumb friends and family money so far.