Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Modular Commercial Projects Heating Up the Economy

Champion Commercial Structures, a division of Champion Home Builders, Inc., has begun construction of an 83 room hotel for Jay Peak Resort, a luxury ski resort in Northern Vermont. The project marks the seventh hotel project undertaken by Champion Commercial Structures in the past 12 months.

With simultaneous hotel projects located in Louisiana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Vermont, Champion is able to demonstrate the company’s unique geographic reach by leveraging its 30 manufacturing facilities strategically located across North America and the United Kingdom.

“A year ago, we began our push to encourage hotel franchisees and owners to consider modular construction because it offers a measurable advantage over other construction methods. After all, while the cost of modular construction may be similar to traditional building methods, it is always faster, and when it comes to hotel room rates – time is truly money,” said Jack Lawless, Chief Executive Officer, Champion Home Builders.

Just about every modular factory in the US is doing a major project or two this year and some factories are beginning to employ “Project” sales reps that work exclusively in this arena.

The growing acceptance of modular building in the hotel industry is helping many factories keep their production lines busy. So far, the biggest downsides for major project work is financing the project until the developer pays and the factory’s modular home builder base having to wait longer for their homes.

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