Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sales Reps Needed by Leading PA Modular Home Factory

We are looking for experienced regional sales representatives in the North East as well as the mid-Atlantic and Southern states.  Applicants for both inside and outside sales positions are welcome. 

Interested applicants may send their resume to Dave Byers, Human Resources at or call us at866.923.7490.

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Ibgreen said...

Dear Icon Legacy,

Do yourself a favor and clean up your Internet image. On an online search of your company, I ran across two complaint web sights listing damaging (and possibly) untrue experience reviews on page one alone. Be rest assured that your current and future sales staff will have less complicated sales presentation by not having to combat negative information. Just like a home needs a strong foundation, a successful company needs to minimize any "cracks" in their public image. Reputations do matter. You ultimately are selling a promise to your prospective clients. It's difficult if not impossible to sell a promise without trust. FYI I am writing this with no affiliation with this company or competitors.