Thursday, May 2, 2013

So, You Want to be an Outside Sales Rep for a Modular Home Factory?

An outside salesperson is responsible for bringing in sales for the factory. He or she works outside the office speaking with potential builders at their offices, job sites or model homes. Outside salespeople are usually assigned a geographical area; they're expected to find new builders as well as helping increase sales amounts for existing builders.

In order to make and increase sales by meeting with builders, an outside salesperson must keep up to date on his or her represented products or services as well as the clients' needs. In between client meetings and sales calls, outside salespeople are likely to attend the builder’s Open Houses and Home Shows. Salespeople must also usually attend regular company meetings.

Outside salespeople typically report to a sales manager. The manager assigns each outside salesperson a sales territory. Meeting sales quotas, or expected amounts, set by the manager is a main goal of each salesperson. Salespeople aren't expected to turn every sales lead into a new customer or increase the amount purchased by each existing builder. They are expected to reach a certain sales percentage considered reasonable by the sales manager, as well as the owner or president, of the modular home factory for which they work.

Visiting builders in their offices and jobsites is a common outside salesperson task. The salesperson typically meets with the builder to bring new product information as well as pricing information and helping to prepare quotes for the builder. Salespeople must have a likable communication style as well as knowledge of their products and factory processes. Understanding the needs of their builders is crucial in meeting outside sales goals.

Cold calling is a part of the job descriptions of many outside salespeople. Usually, the salesperson has a list of potential builders in his or her area and contacts them by telephone, email or snail mail. This contact is considered “cold,” as there is no sales lead, but rather just a name on a list. The objective of the cold call is to get an appointment with the builder to discuss how the modular home factory can help solve the builder’s needs. You must know how to take rejection and let it roll off your back.

When the outside salesperson gets appointments from cold calling, he or she must prepare for them. Preparation for a sales call includes researching both the builder and the area the builder serves and preparing information for the potential new builder in an organized presentation. Brochures and catalogs are common informative materials that outside salespeople use as supporting information when selling products to builders.

If you do get a chance to go to work for a modular factory and neither the company nor the sales manager has an organized approach to how to sell, one of the best resources for you may be the “Selling” and “Marketing” sections of Modular Home Builder.

Good luck in your new career!

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