Thursday, June 20, 2013

British Company Builds Your House Inside a Trailer on Your Lot

Not only have I not seen every type of new home construction, there seems to be a new method to build a home introduced every other week. A few weeks ago I heard that someone wanted to build a house using 3D printing which is absolutely ridiculous.  Now a British company is building houses using a CNC router which they take to the jobsite and produce the home panel by panel inside a trailer.

This is definitely a process that will appeal to the West Coast crowd.

Facit Homes‘ D-Process is a construction technique that turns a 3D computer model into an entire house that can be easily assembled on-site. The building’s plywood components are produced using a CNC router, with the pieces assembled into lightweight blocks in the workshop.

On-site, only two people are needed to snap together the pieces like Lego bricks. Because the 3D model contains every element of the project, costs and waste are kept to a minimum.

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