Thursday, June 6, 2013

Huntington Homes of VT Builds New Sales Office in MA

In the mid 80’s, Huntington Homes had a modular home factory in Orange, MA. They closed that plant and moved to their present location in Vermont.

They maintained a regional sales office in Greenfield, MA in a rented space but with housing picking, they decided to open new sales office in a “carriage house” to better serve the MA market.

The building has a garage on the first floor and a conference/display room and an office on the second.

Here are some pictures of this new sales office on the floor of the production line and just after it was set. If you would like more info about Huntington Homes of VT, contact Jason Webster.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the shout out.

We've been building in VT since 1978. In the mid 80's we opened a second manufacturing facility in Orange, MA. Larry moved to MA to run the engineering department of that plant. In 1988 all production moved back to VT. Larry stayed in MA to run a regional sales / engineering office.

We decided last fall that Larry needed some new digs. This new carriage house / office is on his farm in Greenfield, MA. Folks should drop us a line if they want a tour.

Thanks again for the shout out.

Jason Webster
Huntington Homes, Inc.

David Wood said...

I was Director of Marketing of Boston Modular Home, in Dorchester in the late eighties. We loved your homes and I still long to return to development and construction. I am a lawyer now in New York, but if I ever have a chance I would love to work for you guys.

David J. Wood