Friday, June 21, 2013

Will FEMA Catch Shipping Container Fever?

MODS International, an Appleton, Wisconsin shipping container builder, is giving someone effected by the Oklahoma tornadoes, one of their new homes. MODS International is donating one of its unique modular homes to an Oklahoma family. Is this really a modular home?

Right now, it’s just a shipping container, but soon it will be fully furnished and fitted with a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

It includes a leather sofa, a table, a microwave and a frig.

One positive thing about FEMA possibly using converted shipping containers for emergency shelter is that they can be stacked and stored in a small area until the next disaster and then simply picked up and moved.

MODS International says the modular units are much more durable than mobile homes and can withstand strong winds.

Each unit costs about $40,000.


Anonymous said...

Not a modular home. Not a home at all. It's a temporary fix, until a real modular home can be brought in.

Anonymous said...

I think that's just a Blu Home but it's looks like better quality than Blu can produce and it's missing the wine and cheese.

Anonymous said...

Blu Homes don't rust like this home will in a couple of years. Have you ever seen a 5 year old container? It is all pitted.

Douglas Larson said...

Actually many shipping containers have been in service for over 20 years. They survive many years on the Cargo ships and salt water conditions. Plus, they can hold 423,000 pounds on top of them and 67,000 pounds of storage capacity.

As the owner of MODS International I have taken great efforts to insure MODS will last many years. the exterior is coated with a 2 part, two applications of epoxy paint manufactured by BASF. No "pitting" will ever occur.

Our units are destruction proof and of the highest quality construction methods.

These units are designed for short term immediate housing for people who need immediate shelter. They can also be used for longer term housing such as the oil fields of North Dakota with the serious shortage. Or, for a second home on the water.

If anyone wants a tour please visit us.

Douglas Larson said...

Shipping containers have been around for many years. Some are twenty years old and still in service. They are destruction proof.

MODS take great pride is perfection and providing excellent construction methods and materials. The exterior of MODS are finished with an epoxy paint using two application of 2-part BASF manufactured automotive paint. It's the best and you'll NEVER see "pitting" or problems. They do not rust.

The interior is crafted with American workers taking pride in building high quality units. You'll find the interiors finished better than most homes.

MODS are designed for immediate shelter following disasters. Or, for the workers in the oil fields of North Dakota, they provide an excellent home after long hours working on an oil rig. MODS also make excellent second homes on the water or recreational cabins. Modular On Demand Shelters. MODS

As the owner and creator of MODS I welcome everyone to visit MODS on our website at or visit us in Wisconsin.