Monday, July 1, 2013

Converting a Used Home Looker into a New Home Buyer

As a modular home builder, you run into a lot of potential buyers that are sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to build with you and wait for up to a year or buying a used home that they can probably own in about 3-4 months.

It’s up to you to explain the advantages to building a new home and here are just some of them:

Energy Efficiency: New homes are much more energy efficient than even homes built just 10 years ago. Innovations in insulation, heating and cooling and water conservation are now standard items for most factories leaving you to add your own solar panels, ground source systems and other options that will keep the new home owner’s utility costs low.

Unlimited Floorplans: Modular home factories no longer look at your customer’s hand drawn floorplan as a detriment. Bring on those 10’ high ceilings, the home theatres and the spiral staircases. Modular construction will do it all.

No Remodeling: I have owned 8 older homes in my lifetime and 2 new ones. I had to fix or repair a lot of stuff in the used homes but the only things I did to the new ones was paint and paper. Don’t forget to explain to your potential buyers just how much “out of pocket” they will spend on a used house. TIP: when talking to your potential customer, always say “house” when describing the used home and “home” when describing what you will build for them.

Warranty: New homes come with at least a one year warranty on structural items, etc. Used homes usually come with a home inspection report and not much else. You’re on your own…Buyer Beware.

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