Thursday, July 11, 2013

NYC Trades Sue City Over Modular Construction

NYC Buildings Department is facing a lawsuit charging that it's violating its own safety codes in the construction of modular high rise in Brooklyn.

The Plumbing Foundation and the Mechanical Contractors Association, which represent licensed plumbing and fire suppression trades, allege that the DOB ignored city plumbing and fire safety requirements when it approved plans for a residential building at the Atlantic Yards site in Brooklyn.

This all stems from the 32 story building being modular construction, meaning it will be constructed in pieces in a factory, with final assembly taking place at the building site. Modular cuts out a lot of the high priced on-site labor from The Plumbing Foundation and the Mechanical Contractors Association.

The lawsuit argues that this will allow the DOB to avoid safety laws requiring plumbing, natural gas and sprinkler systems to be installed only by licensed plumbers and contractors.

The Daily News ran an article last November praising modular construction saying that the days of guys in hard hats might soon be over. CLICK HERE to read the Daily News article.

The DOB released a statement saying it will comply with the law; ensuring licensed tradesmen perform on-site work. 

It will also mean that modular construction which can save the developer millions of dollars is being driven back to the stone age by the horse and buggy on-site workers that make $50+ an hour.


Anonymous said...

$50 an hour? Coach, this is NYC. I think we are closer to $100 an hour.

Anonymous said...

The DOB statement says licensed tradesmen will perform "on-site work" - like every other modular project. There is nothing in there that stops them from using modular construction...

Anonymous said...

You can bet that the "on-site" trades will pick apart the work done off site and demand that they are the only ones that should be allowed to work on that in the factory at their pay scale.

Anonymous said...

Don't they pay $100.00 dollars an hr. for someone just to watch their trucks?