Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vaughan Buckley Custom Homes Embraces Modular Construction

In 2008, just as the recession began killing new home construction, Vaughan Buckley started his new home business. He was only 20 years old and decided to build infill homes in Philadelphia. He chose panels as the way to go but quickly realized that he could only build about 4 homes a year; not enough to make him profitable.

He has since moved to modular construction and this year his company, Vaughan Buckley Custom Homes, will build at least 15 homes in the Philly area.  He chose Ritz-Craft Homes in Mifflinburg, PA as his modular home factory.

Where most modular home builders see trees and winding roads as obstacles to getting the modules onto the lot, Vaughan sees power lines, narrow streets, police escorts and no room to park the crane.  Police block off the streets and stay on site until everything is set. The cost of police doesn’t come cheap, especially in the cities.

Enjoy the video of how to get modules delivered and set in Philly.

Choosing a module supplier turned out to be an adventure for Buckley, too. Several companies he looked at were, in his estimation, “financially unstable,” including some that went under.

Buckley finally chose Ritz-Craft, which he recalls was the “least familiar” with urban infill of any of the suppliers he considered. “But they came through on everything they said they would. Now, I see them as an extension of my company.”

The industry worries where the new young modular home builders will come from.  All we have to do is clone Vaughan Buckley and are industry will continue to thrive.

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