Thursday, August 1, 2013

Business is Surging for Mod-U-Kraf

Mod-u-kraf Homes in Rocky Mount, VA is seeing a business boom after the downturn in the economy. The building and manufacturing division serves ten states. 

"I think the customer base is certainly becoming more confident in the economy. The banks tend to be a little more free with the money then they been in the last four five year period and appraisal values are stronger than they have been," said Jason Wooldrige, the General Manger and VP of operations. "I think over the last 5 to 6 years it's been really difficult but it seems like the last 18 months to two years are significant improvement."

Here are the number of homes the company built over the last few years:
  • 2007: 320 houses
  • 2010: 98
  • 2012: 187
  • 2013: on pace to build 234. Year to date over last year they have produced 24% more and have a backlog.

"We continue to experience a good steady stream of walk-in traffic," said James Seekford the retail division manager. 

MOD-U-KRAF's retail side is up too, also with a backlog. They sell and build in Franklin County and surrounding counties. 

"It has continued to be one of the hotspots in our region," said Seekford who says they built ten single family homes last year and will build thirteen this year. "We signed three contracts last week and we're starting to see people making those decisions." 

They say several years ago people were just spending the minimum amount of money bare-bones if you will but now they're spending more money upgrading things like countertops to granite. 

"The economy is still very touchy. We've seen signs of improvements. The way most of us would sum it up is cautiously optimistic," said Wooldrige.

Pre-recession their sales revenue was $45 million a year and this year they're expecting a $25 million number.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how these house building numbers compare to Blu Homes factory production?