Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Modular Manufacturer Prepares for Armageddon

As the National Geographic Channel begins a new season of its series Doomsday Preppers, a Hollywood, MD company is hoping to piggyback onto what appears to be a national trend. Triton Metals of Hollywood has entered into a new business: the manufacture of pre-fabricated bomb shelters.

Sitting outside the Triton Metals manufacturing facility in Hollywood is the prototype, a $159,000 shelter which the owners describe as the Cadillac of bomb shelters. It was manufactured inside the 56,000 sq ft building.

I had the pleasure of touring the shelter a few days ago and it really is something to see.
Everything inside is metal painted a soft bluish-grey. The kitchen is awesome. It has gunports, hidden compartments, a row of lockers, sleeps 4 and my favorite, an escape hatch. Even Peg liked it.

The units are designed to be buried but they are just as well suited for remote above ground use. The skin is all metal and actually looks very strong. It is built for Preppers.

Preppers are survivalists preparing for the end of civilization. The shelters that Triton hopes to sell are customized for the customer who is seeking shelter for all kinds of reasons. The one on display could easily double as a weekend hunting or fishing getaway.

Potential customers could be individuals or government agencies. They can be designed so that a number of shelters can be placed underground in tandem to create a mini-city. You can even colonize them. They are like a space station underground. He said the shelters can be designed to accommodate expected length of stay underground, including fuel and food supply.

Triton Metals existing business of custom designed metal products has a diverse customer base that includes the military and non-military. The bomb shelter business is a way for the company to further diversify. It also fits into recent discussions about the county diversifying away from its dependence on the defense industry, what with all the uncertainties surrounding Sequestration and the federal budget.

They manufacture a huge safe that rivals Fort Knox, EMP protected boxes for ATVs and generators.

I you are looking for a modular home to ride out the next Hurricane Sandy or Zombie attack, look no further.

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If the world is ending why would one need a flat screen television?