Friday, September 6, 2013

Bob Baker, Well Known GM, Passes Away

Bob Baker, whose career began working with his father as a General Contractor before becoming one of the best GM's in the modular housing industry, has recently passed away after a battle with cancer.

He was one of the spearheads of Champion's Genesis Homes division in Auburn Hills, Michigan as well as the GM for their Claysburg, PA factory where he successfully integrated modular home production into a HUD factory.

I had the pleasure of working for Bob at Genesis Homes and later at Avis America where he was the GM. He was a hands-on GM who liked getting on the production floor and traveling with his sales staff. Nothing eluded him.

Letter sent out by CMH to Management
He also worked as GM at the Crest Factory in Milton, PA and other Clayton factories including Karsten Homes.

I was sent his obit today:

In the meantime, enjoy this video of Bob giving a tour of a model home built at his Avis America plant in PA for PNC Tours.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for calling to attention to Bob's legacy. Having also worked with Bob for many years I share your assessment that he was a great General Manager. However, when I think of Bob I am reminded of how proud he was of his family. Our work conversations always began with an update of his boys and their athletic and scholastic achievements. Only after Bob beamed with pride during these updates did we get to work.

He will be truly missed.

Kevin Flaherty

Scott Stone said...

Kevin, I did not know Bob that well. I worked with Bob as a customer. I bought Champion Homes from his factory in Claysburg. Your assesment is spot on. The very first thing I thought of when i saw this tragic news was his family. He had his priorities straight. God, family, then work.
I am proud to have known him. A great man. He will be missed. Rest in peace Bob.
Scott Stone

Harry Odum said...

Kevin has it spot on about his family. While Bob was at Avis I was Gm at his sister plant Excell. We were "Partners in Crime" so to speak. Always teasing and playing jokes on each other and at the same helping each other grow our business. I will truly miss this great Friend,Father, and mentor.

Doug Stimpson said...

I hired Bob to replace myself at Avis and worked hand in hand with him while I was at the Excel plant. He was the finest GM I have ever been associated with.We became close associates and friends. We have kept in touch with each other on a monthly basis and our discussions were always 10% business and 90% family. Bob was a devoted husband and father and he will be missed by all those he has touched. My greatest condolences to his family as I know how close they all were.

Brent said...

I recently learned of Bob's passing. My condolences to his family, co-workers and friends. When I entered the modular business in 2006, Bob reached out and welcomed me aboard. I will always remember his leadership and the extent to which he cared about each member of his "Avis family". But more important was the love for his wife and sons, and he never missed an opportunity to discuss family when we spoke. He will be missed!

Brent C. Werner