Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Builder Alert - Proceed with Caution About New Award Program

Business owners have been the target of people offering them awards and praise for as long as business itself. How many times do you visit a Subway restaurant and see the Zagat logo on the door and think that this particular store must be something special. No, I don’t think that either.

However, that logo has some real teeth in it. Surveys and secret shoppers help Zagat award a restaurant with their famous logo.

New Home Builders are now seeing some companies trying to sell them awards and it is a far cry from the J.D. Power or Zagat or the Good Housekeeping Seal awards.

The other day one of my readers, a new home builder on the east coast received this email telling him that he was selected to be an award winner by Talk of the Town. He could claim this award if he would just fill out the order form and pay for it.

The problem is that he has no idea who these people are and the award looks like just another way to get money from home builders. The offer was sent to an email that he hasn’t used in a long time and he could tell it was just a form filled in with his company’s name.

Talk of the Town

Instead of ignoring like a lot of would or ordering an unframed piece of paper for only $159 base price, he sent the information to me to share with other builders and factories. I completely agree with his opinion and want all my readers to be very cautious before signing up for an award program that on it’s face just seems to be a way to separate the builder and his money.

Talk of the Town Award Price List
If any builder is already using them, let us know if you think they should get a Zagat or a Razzberry award.

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Brian said...

I received that as well. It looked like a scam so I just ignored it.