Monday, September 23, 2013

Westchester Modular Homes Scores Another Huge Project in New Jersey

When Washington, NJ developer, Jack Van Cleef, wanted to put up a 4 story, 40 unit apartment building, he turned to Westchester Modular Homes

In 2006 Van Cleef began building another 4 story apartment complex with 24 units and he wasn’t able to rent the apartments until 2008. This time the apartments will be ready for occupancy by Feb 2014. 

Gotta Luv Modular!

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Stan Weaver said...

I luv Modular and always will, howver there is only one thing i don't understand and that is the image of the set crews, how and the world can any Manufacture or developer ever let none Osha approved, non safety oriented, professional looking uniformed employees do their work for them, ITS TIME FOR SOMEONE TO HOLD THESE SET COMPANY ACCOUNTABLE, we live in a new age adn beleive me if we in the Modular industry want to make deaper end roads then this is one area (the modular set industry) that needs to change PERIOD.