Monday, October 14, 2013

Finding the "New Faces" of Modular Housing

A few weeks ago I was asked by someone in factory management if I knew of a list of the "young guns" of the modular housing industry. Sorry, but I don't. Then I started to think about all the people that I've either talked with or have featured in articles about modular and I wondered if I knew the majority of them or only the minority.

Our industry cannot do business as it did prior to 2008 and these new faces are the one's that will be carrying our industry's torch for the next decade.

A new face doesn't have to be someone under 40, it simply means that they were not as active in modular housing's future prior to 2008 as they are today. Change is a good thing for our industry and I'm looking to the ones that are making it happen.

So here is my plea! 

If you know someone in the modular housing industry that you think should be featured as a "New Face", please send me their name, their company and their email address. I will contact them and hopefully they will be featured here.

Factory owners and management: Do you know someone in your organization that is making a difference in your operation and future? Are there builders that began after 2008 that you would like to showcase?

Builders: Are you new to modular since 2008 and want to get even more exposure for your company? Do you have a factory sales person that recently started that you feel is changing the way you do business with the factory?

Sales People: Do you know a builder that is doing something different that is helping their business grow?

And don't be bashful about telling me about yourself. That's what I'd expect from a "new face."

If you know someone that you think I should talk to, simply send me their name and email by October 21, 2013. 

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