Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ritz-Craft Homes Goes Beyond Social Media

Ritz-Craft Homes, the huge modular home manufacturer headquartered in Mifflinburg, PA is never done innovating. This time they jumped leaps and bounds ahead of other modular factories by not only working social media to attract new home buyers to the benefits of buying a new Ritz-Craft home, they are using the Apple Store to interact with their authorized builders.

The app designed for the Apple iPad allows Ritz-Craft home builders to access numerous relevant files, including floor plans, pricing, specification sheets and available options and colors. The app also interfaces with Ritz-Craft’s Total Marketing Solution (TMS), a proprietary program which provides subscribing builders with a custom website, email marketing and a lead management system.

The introduction of this Ritz-Craft app is in response to a fundamental shift in the way home builders access information and communicate with their customers:
“Members of our builder network are spending more and more time away from their offices and either on the road or in a model home,” explains Reed Dillon, Ritz-Craft’s Director of Marketing. “Our new app provides these builders with portability and the ability to access crucial files on their iPads, wherever they have an internet connection. This allows them to be more efficient and spend more time with their customers.”
With plans to launch a similar, consumer-friendly app for home buyers early next year, Ritz-Craft is looking forward to expanding their mobile reach and to providing solutions for both home builders and home buyers.

Being an Android person, I’ll just have to wait until they launch an app for me.


Anonymous said...

Who pays for all this technology the consumer when they purchase a home? Someone is certainly paying for it! Ritzcraft Homes are more expensive than a lot of others comparing apples to apples.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the home buyer is paying or it in the end but if this system allows the builders to communicate with the factory on a more "one to one" basis, isn't it benefiting that same home buyer.

Don't you think that Ford has similar apps with their dealers? And I'm sure they pass it on to the new car buyer.

The question you should be asking is how much more is it costing the home buyer whose builder doesn't have this great interaction with their factory.

Anonymous said...

If more home builders do not start embracing this technology in the way that Ritz-Craft has, the modular housing industry is doomed.

As the millennial generation continues to enter they market the demand for this technology will only increase.

Early adapters like Ritz-Craft are poised for large growth when this happens, while people like Anonymous1 will be left only with their pickup truck and a hammer.