Monday, December 9, 2013

This is Why More People Don't Look at Modular Home Construction

This is the best example of being turned off to buying a modular home I have ever seen. This guy is sitting on his sofa in a old sweat shirt offering to sell you a book on how to not get taken when you buy a modular home.

This would be funny if he really wasn't serious, but he is and it is just so sad.


Anonymous said...

Bet his factory /builder loves this customer recommendation - the guide is probably chocked full of useful direct information. No wait; Get a second guide for your friends absolutely free. Just pay Shipping and handling.

Tom Hardiman said...

Gary, this is pretty bad, but before you sent it out, the video had less than 20 views. Now it has over 100!

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FYI - Atlantic Yards modules are being set tomorrow in Brooklyn.