Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blu Homes Relocates its Headquarters to California

Blu Homes, the prefab home manufacturer that builds the folding homes is moving all the remaining staff from their New England offices to California to meet the demand for their origami homes on the West Coast.

Blu Homes Breezehouse
Blu Homes owner Maura McCarthy said that sales last year were $60,000,000 compared to only $35,000,000 in 2012. They currently have about 232 employees at their Mare's Island factory and headquarters and expect to double that this year.

This time I'm just reporting the "facts" without any of my usual commentary.

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Anonymous said...


I thought you had a pipeline to Ms Blu Homes. Can you get her to explain why they are now quoting sales rather than bookings? Can she explain how the 40 Mill in bookings is now 35 mil in sales yet the 60 mil for this year is the same bookings and sales. How about the 275 home built so far and the 232 employees that will double this year. If things are going so well how can they possibly build 4 homes in Mare Island and not be filling customer demand?

If you can get one of these questions answered it will go a long way to dispelling some of the disbelief.